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Funny statements

December 20, 2009

We all have instances where our teachers would have said some funny statements while teaching or shouting at us. Some of them are quite common but a few I guess are quite unique as we did have some unique teachers and lecturers. The names of teachers are not revealed for obvious reasons. Here are a few which I had come across while I was studying.

 “Both of you three come here”

 “Can you see the colourless yellow solution?”

 “Allow the fire to burn first.”

 “If you are interested, get out.”

 One of the lecturers was introducing himself in the first class. “I have two sons, both are boys”

 While taking attendance, one of the students misheard his number and said ‘present sir’ for roll no 28 instead of 38. When he apologized, the lecturer remarked – “Can’t you imagine what 28 and 38 means”. The whole class erupted in laughter at the sentence formation. A few moments later, even the lecturer started laughing. He apparently thought that he had cracked a joke with that sentence and that’s why the all the students were laughing!!!

 “Open the windows. Let the atmosphere come in”

 One of my English teachers trying to scold a student in hindi – “Tumhaare andar akal nahin hein. Sara matthi hein, bas”

  “It is so small that it cannot be seen with a naked man’s eye.” 🙂

 There were a lot of monkeys in our college campus. There were times when monkeys would climb up to our classroom windows and all the attention would shift to the monkey. That’s when one our lecturers remarked “Why are you looking at the monkeys when I am in the class!!!” 🙂 🙂

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  1. Sudarshan permalink

    Sitting with Rohit in some of the classes that he has mentioned, I do recollect those incidents, and it surely was a nice walk down the memory lane.

    • Sudhi,
      It is nice to recollect these after so many years. I guess I may have forgotten a couple of gems. Do you recollect any?

  2. Suman permalink

    No new posts!! Been long. How about something new and nice?

  3. Krishna permalink

    Hilarious, Rohit! Made my day.

  4. Zach Ellerbrook permalink

    I like “Let the atmosphere come in.” Very green, almost in a beatnik kind of way.

    • 🙂

      Most of the times, Indians simply translate their Indian sentences into English, word to word. Thats why it sounds like that.

  5. fabulous collection you have made. I love it!!

  6. The last statement is simply awesome.

    • Yes, thats one statement, none of his students will forget in a hurry. A lot of his students used that in their skits etc.

  7. That was really hilarious! 😀

    “Allow the fire to burn first.” Ha ha!

  8. Mama, even i saw some of these in my class too. The last one is my favourite.. “Why are you looking at the monkey outsid the window when i am in the class😂😂😂”

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